Rollin McGrail

Web Site

Artist and illustrator Rollin McGrail was looking to revamp her outdated website and grow her Social Media presences when she came to WelliWeb. Her new site features her illustrations and helps attract more editorial work from national publications like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. While growing Rollin’s social media footprint is an important part of building her private commission work, from art projects to company logos.

Rollin’s site has clean lines and simple colors letting her illustrations take center stage. Moving forward WelliWeb will be helping Rollin implement an on-line store selling cards and prints of her work in addition to promoting other exciting ventures in the Equestrian community. Rollin’s blog is a place for Rollin to share a little information with the world on her creative process and the kind of thought she puts into her illustrations.


Beyond the Web Site

The Social Media landscape is a confusing place with services from Facebook to Twitter and beyond. Working slowly and diligently WelliWeb is organically building Rollin’s brand on the web. For Rollin WelliWeb has a low cost option for a steady stream of content for social media and she has decided to focus her efforts on Facebook. WelliWeb has gone so far as staging an impromptu photo shoot to get the right images to promote an art show.

Beyond the web site and social media Rollin is working with WelliWeb to build and grow her company.  WelliWeb is helping with many of the technical challenges that she is facing from helping her explore printing and packaging options for her note cards to formatting original art for printing and creating advertisements. Helping Rollin explore these many avenues for success is a thrilling journey that WelliWeb it thrilled to be helping with.

Additional Work for Rollin

Print Ads

Print ads for magazines and event programs featuring Rollin’s newest work help keep her image fresh

Create Social Media

Writing and managing engaging social media posts that build brand awareness and a growing following, check Rollin out on Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


Event Promotion

Helping promote Rollin’s art shows and events like book signings with features such as paid social media campaigns and targeted email

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