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Web Site

Creating a new real estate web site for GMF Real Estate was a great challenge as WelliWeb had never worked in this industry before. After time spent viewing other popular sites in the area it was time to get to work. The site is fully integrated with the local MLS search, has lead capture capabilities and number of custom forms created to gather customer data. It is fully integrated with a popular IDX real estate plugin as well as MailChimp.  Beyond the technical functions of the real estate web site many of the photos on the site were also taken by Michelle Donn, owner of


Email Marketing

GMF Real Estate is working hard to grow its customer list with engaging emails that keep clients and potential clients engaged.  Creating these mails and growing and maintaining the email list are just another way WelliWeb is helping GMF Real Estate grow. Designing custom Infographics and videos that not only are part of email campaigns but are also shared on social media has helped to reinforce their meassage.

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