Franco Bistro


Before WelliWeb Refresh

After WelliWeb Refresh


Web Site Refresh

Local Italian Bistro contacted WelliWeb about giving their website a refresh.  The site was showing its age and looked old fashioned and like it was a bit of an after thought in Franco’s marketing plan.  The restaurant wanted a quick clean-up of the site with limited down time and a small budget. Thankfully, even though the site was old, the WordPress engine driving it was easy enough to update and the refresh only about one day of work.  The new images and better more exciting layout are already getting noticed by patrons that are mentioning the beautiful web site when booking reservations.

The new pictures a number of which were not on the old site are a great way for potential customers to get excited about Franco’s interior and menu before they even walk in the door.  Adding a link to the home page and featuring the weekly special is also helping this site offer more functionality than ever before. The next phase of the site rejuvenation is to implement a customer loyalty plan and feature the Summer set menu.


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