Is any job too small?

NO! WelliWeb will help you with any computer task that you need done.  We can help with any or all of the following. Have a problem not on the list give us a call we can help.

  • Business website (home based, direct sales, online, small business)
  • Blogs (setup, training, maintenance and more)
  • Event websites (weddings, non profits, sports teams)
  • Data clean up (address lists, phone lists, email lists)
  • Photos (editing, printing, albums)
  • Bulk email (mass marketing, family letters, sports teams, nonprofit groups)
  • Printe and On Line Marketing Materials (cards, flyers, coupons, posters)
  • Online Stores (from eBay and Etsy to full functioning eCommerce Shopping Carts)
Who does the work?

In most cases the actual work will be done by Michelle Donn, she is a jack (or rather Jill) of all trades.  On occasion a true master is needed to work on a difficult or specialized task in those cases Michelle works with some very talented experts.  The majority of individual’s Michelle works with are local freelance providers with years of experience and a long term business relationship with Michelle.  Projects most likely to be handled by others include:

  • Logo design
  • Intensive graphic design/editing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Technical writing for certain genres
  • Large amounts of text editing
  • Advanced back end web site programming
Will I really be able to maintain my own web site?

In most cases yes!! We are going to build your site understanding what your needs and abilities are so it will be what you can handle. Even the least tech savvy of us can send email and for basic updates WelliWeb can make updating your site that easy. When we finish your site you will receive a step by step written manual on how to work with your site. You will also receive and one-on-one training on how to handle everyday updates, blog posts and edits. If you are not comfortable with future projects like massive updates or a full site over hall that is understandable and WelliWeb is happy to help you with these bigger projects.

Can I really learn how to run my own email campaigns?

Sure!! It’s simple. Once you learn how the bulk email service provider we set you up on works it a breeze. WelliWeb will create your email templates and upload all your contacts segmented as you request and then you will be off and running. After a one-on-one training session and a test email you will have no problem moving forward.  If you need totally new template created we are happy to handle your repeat business.

Can you run Social Media Accounts for me?

Yes, you name the service and we are happy to post, tweet, and share on your behalf. We have worked with promoted posts on services from Facebook to Pinterest and are happy to get you started on building your following.

Do I have to do all this myself?

No! If you would rather just call us and have your site maintained or email campaigns handled totally by WelliWeb then we can accommodate you. You are the customer and we want you to be happy.